Outlook 2017 for the financial department within the local government

the financial department within the local government

Clear communication to citizens is needed for good service. Citizens go along with time and communicate mostly digitally. Municipalities also have a digital channel with My Government to access relevant information for the citizen. Through MyOverheid, citizens have all relevant information in a central location. The message box receives a citizen in a safe way the messages from the municipality, for example in the field of attacks and legends. This gives the citizen overview and a municipality also realizes a significant saving on the amount of paper mail. Smart Finance? “Did not you call Simple…

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Managing a company’s strong growth: how to do it?

Managing a company's strong growth

The growth of a company, an element to anticipate If it is poorly prepared, the  strong growth of a company  can paradoxically hinder its progress. Increased demands or commitments, more lucrative contracts: all of which require more financial, technical and human resources. Define your growth objectives beforehand This is the best way to predict possible changes in your business. For this, several questions must be asked: Do you have the capital needed to finance the  growth of your business  ? Do you currently have cash flow problems? Do you have assets that could be converted into…

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