Loan and sickness insurance: How to do it in case of refusal, premium or exclusion?

Loan and sickness insurance

“The borrower found himself very destitute when the hour of the health questionnaire came” This diverted quote that you just invented and which is deliberately not funny unfortunately corresponds to about 1 in 10 people who wish to make a home loan Whether they are for current pathologies such as diabetes, overweight, multiple sclerosis, paraplegia …. or else of the type cancer, infarction, …. borrowers find themselves faced with difficulties that they had not necessarily anticipated and which most of the time put at risk the feasibility of their life project. As…

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Real estate loans: can we combine real estate loans?

Happy family near new home.

Buying your business premises or offices in which your business is located is often interesting for a professional. However, funding can sometimes be problematic. Is it possible to  combine real estate loans when one is a business  ? What types of loans are available for a  professional property loan  ? Combine mortgages? In order to carry out a project to purchase a professional property, the solution consists in using different sources of financing. The multiple mortgage Just like the individual, the company has the right to  combine real estate loans  to carry out its project. This possibility is all…

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Mortgage Loan Agreement

The loan of money is an operation where one person gives money to another provided that it reimburses it later. This loan may be for free or for consideration. A loan of money for consideration is a loan that carries an interest rate. How to use this model? The document is only valid for non-professional purposes. It is addressed in case one or more individuals wish to help another person by lending him money. Loans between individuals are often done informally, through mutual trust in family and friendship. However, the informal loan poses…

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Can you get in touch directly with my banker?

Can you get in touch directly with my banker

The procedure is different depending on the type of borrower insurance change you are making and the date of purchase of your loan. You make a change of insurance of real estate loan thanks to the law Hamon  because your loan was subscribed less than 12 months ago: In this case, we will let you join before your banker is solicited. Indeed, the procedure defined by law, is first to join a new loan insurance (with a new insurance start date sufficiently long so that you are not doubly covered) and then to…

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Hamon Law and Home Loan Insurance

Real estate insurance concept

What does the Hamon law on borrower insurance change? The Hamon law on mortgage extends the freedoms of the borrowers: It is now possible to cancel the insurance of its mortgage for the first 12 months (with a notice of 15 days) following the date of signature of your loan offer. The Hamon Act covers insurance for loans intended to finance: The purchase of new or old property for use as a dwelling (or for business and residential purposes) The financing of works (if more than € 75 000) The construction of a…

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