Tax advantage for entrepreneurs

Tax advantage for entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you pay income taxes on the profits that you have achieved with your business. A number of deductions may be deducted from this gain. As a result, you pay a lot less tax. The following schemes are available to (starting) entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs who meet the hourly criterion (at least 1,225 hours spent on the company) are eligible for the self-employed deduction. The self-employed deduction is a fixed amount of € 7,280 for entrepreneurs who have not yet reached the AOW age. Have you reached the AOW age at the beginning of the calendar year? Then the self-employed deduction is 50% of the self-employed deduction for entrepreneurs who have not yet reached the AOW age at the beginning of the calendar year. Note that in order to show the number of hours spent, you must keep a closing hourly registration.

Beginning entrepreneurs may deduct an additional amount of their profits from the first three years after the start of their business, in addition to the self-employed deduction, provided they meet the hourly criterion. Unemployed entrepreneurs are eligible for higher amounts, provided that the deduction is not higher than the profit for that year.


If your partner works unpaid in your company, you can benefit from the co-payment deduction. The deduction deduction depends on your gain and the number of hours worked by your partner. So it’s very important to keep a good hourly registration for your partner, or for yourself if you work in your partner’s business.

In addition, there is also a right to the SME Profit Exemption. The SME profit exemption amounts to 14% of the remaining profit after deduction of, among other things, the self-employed deduction.

If you invest in assets, you can be eligible to qualify for the investment deduction provided that the stipulated conditions are met. The investment deduction includes the small-scale investment deduction (KIA), the energy investment deduction (EIA), the environmental investment deduction (MIA) and the VAMIL scheme.

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