Tips and tricks for open mail management

tricks for open mail management

How is it currently under management and what can you do this year to get more effective and better?
How can you save costs while increasing revenue on your recovery process? The Tool Internal Inspection Checker (hereafter Reporting Tool) provides you with the right overviews to gain insight and send on effectiveness.

The Reporting Tool enables you to generate reviews for, for example, an MT or accountant, on the one hand, but also serves as a workforce for the collection department. The overviews are predefined, can be quickly generated and then easily exported to, for example, Excel.

Tips and tricks for using the Reporting Tool:

  • Rotate the open record list by date and select the relevant posts again with a new date. This way you can see the progress of your open posts, as the accountant often asks for.
  • Select all open posts that have expired, but are not yet in a recovery path and do not have a blockade / delay. This way you can see which posts have been hanging out and are wrongly taken out of sight.
  • Rotate an overview of all open posts with only 7 or 15 euros open. These are items where the debtor has not actually paid the collection fee.
  • Check out the age analysis that easily reveals the posts that have expired for more than a year.
  • Check if postponement data or blockades are active that have not been updated for quite some time.

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