An Overview Of Coworking Spaces In Hong Kong

An Overview Of Coworking Spaces In Hong Kong

Coworking in Hong Kong is more than a trend, as in recent years millennials and other professionals have found the style to be very attractive, and with good reason. The province not only boasts very high residential rents but their office rents are some of the highest worldwide. In a place with so much industry, it seems unreal that some of the brightest and most inventive entrepreneurs would be shut out of premium office space because the rents are too high.

However, in this day and age, high office rent is not a reason to avoid some of the more prestigious locations around the province. In fact, through coworking, you can completely eliminate having to pay for expensive rentals, especially in a place where industry is possible for anyone with ingenuity and drive. If looking to find a coworking space in Hong Kong, you will find a variety of spaces that provide your business with the reach and access to do well in the city without the expense.

Let’s take a closer look at the various coworking spaces in Hong Kong so you know what to expect before venturing into the Hong Kong workspace.

Where To Look

If looking to find your spot in the coworking landscape, businesses have a few places where they can find a comfortable workspace. If looking to work in a mostly corporate environment, coworking spaces in the Central District and Kowloon can provide your business with top-notch office space near the financial districts. For example, international service provider Servcorp has a few offices in three locations in Hong Kong’s famed financial district. Click on the following link to read more about them.

Then, there is the increasingly popular Causeway Bay area that has a number of coworking spaces. There are at least three major spaces offering businesses a variety of amenities. While not the Central District, this area is considered a very trendy place for young millennials and start-ups to get a foothold in the province’s economy.

Business Matching

One amenity that you might find attractive as a new business owner is business matching. The coworking space is a natural place for connecting with other businesses, but coworking spaces in the province have taken this a step further in actually offering its residents the service of matching them with businesses that are looking for their services. For businesses that want to begin to collaborate immediately, this is one of the best ways to build teams.

Top Tier Events

The coworking space has definitely come a long way since its earlier beginnings with spaces that provided businesses with an internet connection and a space to work but nothing else. Today’s coworking spaces in Hong Kong feature a variety of events including high-profile conferences while giving members access to art openings. These events are definitely both to get the member connected to the community, but there really is an emphasis on fun.

Bespoke Solutions

Prospective members might also find that they can choose from a bunch of different amenities to create the office of their dreams. As stated previously, coworking spaces have evolved to include so many different types of services that a business can essentially build their own office and for much cheaper than what it would cost to lease office space. Those who choose the coworking format will find a climate in the province that is open to providing businesses plenty from which to choose.

Coworking In Hong Kong

These are just a few of the different features you might encounter when joining a coworking space in the province. These coworking spaces are beginning to raise the game where office amenities are concerned, as the platform for making connections for business and investing is becoming established. Hong Kong’s coworking community is definitely a place where access meets ingenuity and industry to create magic.

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