How to Secure a Premium Office Space in Hobart

When it comes to finding office space on the island of Tasmania, there’s no denying that Hobart is the best place to go. While it may not have anything close to the population of other major locations like Sydney or Melbourne, it still has more than enough to draw in a steady stream of investors. In fact, the city has strong trading connections with China and Japan, giving entrepreneurs an opportunity to capitalize on this international connection.

More than 50% of the local residents here have a university degree, so building a well-educated team here shouldn’t be difficult for budding business owners looking to relocate to ‘Tassie’. Hobart itself is home to almost half of all of the residents of the island and more young people are returning to Tasmania where they can enjoy a cheaper cost of living in other parts of Australia and they are igniting the local economy in the process.

If you are thinking of relocating your business, or starting a new business, in the capital of the ‘Apple Isle’, then continue reading to find how you can secure premium office space in Hobart and get your business off to the best start possible.

Consider a Serviced Solution

Just like starting a business anywhere else, you need to give due consideration to just what kind of an office set up you’re going to need. There are options for coworking, virtual office setups and managed facilities available in this booming city, as well as more traditional office setups.

Going serviced means you won’t have to worry about investing in furniture, office equipment or have to stress about getting phone and internet services installed as everything will be ready when you arrive. Without these considerations, you and your team can get down to business right away.

Take Your Budget into Account

Although rental rates may not be as high here as in some of the ‘mainland’ cities, you can still shell out a high price for office space if you’re not careful. Think about what you need from your office space before committing to any lease and consider your budget in both the short and the long-term.

To avoid entering into any long-term fixed-rate leases, consider a serviced or virtual setup instead. With these options, you can still have access to all of the facilities you need but without having to sign a long-term lease. Instead, your rental rate and utilities will all be rolled into one flat monthly fee, allowing you to stay in control of your budget each month with ease.

Find a Central Location

One of the most iconic and prolific locations to be based in Hobart is Macquarie Street, you’ll be in close proximity to popular spots in the city such as the Lands Building, the Reserve Bank, Franklin Square and the Hotel Grand Chancellor.

You’ll also be able to boast that your office is located in the Australian Monopoly Board, which is can be an interesting ice-breaker when you have clients over to visit.

Find a Location in Hobart and Set Yourself Up for Success

Tasmania has a reputation for being wild and rugged and the landscape here really is something to behold. But beyond the natural beauty of ‘Tassie’, there is a thriving business community and with more and more young Australians making the move back to Hobart to escape the expensive costs of living in the major cities, you will have access to a young, motivated and well-educated workforce. There are plenty of opportunities here, both domestic and international ad the city can be a dynamic place for you and your team to be located.

When searching for office space in Hobart, be sure to consider your requirements first and as with looking for office space anywhere, be sure to look at your budget. With premium office solution providers operating in Hobart, you should have no problem finding an office space that will allow you and your team to thrive in this exciting climate.

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